Norton Baptist Church

Welcome to our Church information page and if you are a visitor to the area, welcome also to the most beautiful part of the Welsh Marches.


We are a small, rural, Baptist Church situated just outside the village of Skenfrith. Norton is affiliated to, and has close links with Monmouth Baptist Church of which I am also the Pastor.


I hope you will enjoy finding out about us in the following pages. They explain a little about our activities and what we believe.


We are sure you will find a warm welcome at Norton.

Every Blessing

Pastor Jonathan Greaves.


Norton Baptist Church

We are a group of ordinary people who have found Jesus Christ to be really good news! This is because we have discovered Him to be God's Son who came into our world to mend our broken friendship with God through his death on the cross. We are just people who believe that anyone who puts their trust in Jesus can experience forgiveness for all the things we have done wrong and have the promise of eternal life. There is nothing we do that is unforgivable if we truly turn to Him.

As Jesus told His first followers, we share in communion, and in our church, we welcome all those who accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour to share in it with us.


We also practise believer's baptism, like the early church, sometimes baptising in the stream in the Church grounds!


To grow in our faith and serve others, we believe Christians do need to meet together regularly to worship God, encourage each other, and to learn how to follow Jesus' example in our daily lives. But we are also a place where people searching for faith will find a warm welcome.


We believe that following Jesus is very practical. So we try to serve God and each other by sharing our faith with the wider community and by helping to meet the social and physical needs of people at home and abroad.


Norton has very close connections with other local rural churches through the Rural Churches Fellowship. We meet up throughout the year for prayer lunches, barbeques, summer praise, advent and other activities.


Perhaps more than anything, we try to live as a family,

so young or old alike,

we'd love to have you join us!

Welcome to Norton: A Note From Our Pastor

Who are we?    

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