John Morgan Tomb

"The tomb is an important monument locally, both for historical and artistic reasons.  It commenmorates a prominent local man, a Roman Catholic who lived in times of religious turrmoil and who died when Roman Catholicism was coming under increased pressure from the Crown.  It is of high artistic quality, with skilfully reaslied relief carvings of gentelmen and ladies in the dress of the day.  It is not known whether the carvers were local or whether the family was wealthy enough to import craftesmen to undertake the work." Torquil McNeilage 2006

John Morgan died in 1557 and was the last Governor of The Three Castles of Skenfrith, Grosmont and White, steward of the Duchy of Lancaster and Parliamentary Representative for Monmouth.  His wife Ann, also depicted on the tomb, died in 1564 and it is thought that their children erected the tomb following her death.

It is a finely wrought chest tomb, with simple moulded base and elaborately carved side panels.  On the south side are four kneeling gentlemen, believed to be the sons of John and Ann Morgan.  Each is dressed in doublet and hose with high ruff and a hat by the side.  The opposite side has four ladies of unknown identity.  The family Arms are on each side and the top carries simple strapwork around the figures of John and Ann Morgan.

The Last Governor

Tudor Ladies and Gentlemen

tomb detail