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Draw Length Chart Recurve. Draw length is approx your arm span divided by 2.5. Even if you draw at your bow's rated draw (normally 28) the industry standard allows a bow manufacturer to be ±2# from rated bow weight and still mark/sell at the rated weight.

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The draw weight of standard traditional bows is as measured at 28″ draw. For each inch over 28 inches, the draw weight increases by 2.5 pounds. If you measured this in centimeters, you will have to convert this to inches by dividing by 2.54 or using this tool.

Even If You Draw At Your Bow's Rated Draw (Normally 28) The Industry Standard Allows A Bow Manufacturer To Be ±2# From Rated Bow Weight And Still Mark/Sell At The Rated Weight.

Draw length is the distance from the deepest grip of the throat to the nock point plus 1.75″ at full draw. This is measured at your draw length, not by what the bow has written on it. Nock the measuring arrow on your bow, and draw back to your anchor.

A Suitable Recurve Bow Should Roughly Measure Between Twice And Three Times As Long As Your Draw Length.

The draw weight of standard traditional bows is as measured at 28″ draw. 8 rows the draw weight for deer hunting with a recurve bow should be at least around 40 lbs. Place a piece of masking tape on your bow just above the arrow rest/shelf.

Bow Weight Will Change Approximately ±2.5 Pounds For Every Inch From A Bows Rated Draw Length.

Measure the length between the throat of the nock and the marking, this is your draw length. By only having to hold about half of the draw weight the archer. Repeat the process several times so that you can find the appropriate length.

Draw Length Is Approx Your Arm Span Divided By 2.5.

Draw length is the measurement from the deepest part of the bow grip to the nock groove when at full draw. With a recurve, the best way to find your draw length is to use a measuring arrow. Once that number has been measured, add 1.75 to achieve the calculated amo draw length.

For Example, Let’s Say My Arm Span Is 68 Inches.

To determine your draw length, simply measure your armspan from the middle finger of one hand, to the middle finger of your opposite hand. For example, if an individual has an arm span of 52 inches, the number will be divided by 2.5 to give a total of 20.8 inches. Take this number and divide by 2.5.

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